GUTSCHEINER does not want to save the world, but makes it a little cheaper with the big discount. The start-up from Berlin supplies online buyers in six European countries with free vouchers. Bargain hunters save tens of thousands of euros every day, crowns and dollars. On you save money in more than 2,000 online shops – and that very conveniently and for free! Simply find your favorite shop via the search box and redeem one of over 5,000 vouchers for online shopping.

The typical user is female, between 25 and 45 years old and is interested in new fashion. Discounts are not just for clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags, but also for the next journey, for technology and for many other goods and services that everyday life uses.

All vouchers are reviewed by the editors, so that customers and dealers can rely on a smooth and lucrative purchase. In addition, the reviews that our users have written in the online shop, a valuable guide when shopping on the Internet with

What are coupon codes?

A combination of letters or numbers to give you a discount when shopping is called a coupon code. To redeem vouchers, you must enter the codes in appropriate fields. These are located in the checkout area of ​​your online shop.

Proceed as follows:

1. Receive your voucher by clicking the “Get code” button.
2. A new window will open with your coupon code and any return policy. Go to “Copy Code” and then “Open Store”.
3. The online shop is visible in another window. Put your favorite products there in the shopping cart.
4. To confirm the purchase, you must either sign in, sign in to an existing account, or re-register. The fact that you are a new or existing customer can be crucial to your ability to redeem the voucher. How to find out is under point 2.
5. Then copy your coupon code into the “Coupon”, “Benefit Number”, “Promotion Code”, “Action Number” or similar field. Your order quantity will be reduced immediately.

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